November 23, 2015

Venus Factor Diet Review - How Does It Work?

venus factor review

What is the Venus Factor Weight Loss Program?

This is one of a few programs designed for women by nutritionist expert John Barban. The Venus Factor Diet System is a 12-week program that has been particularly designed to re-adjust the hormones that are in charge of body weight and hunger. These hormones have the ability to make or break a woman's health and body weight, particularly after pregnancy. The system is a step by step program that has been customized for the female body. The workouts can be effectively done at home if you don't care or don't have enough time to join a gym.

What's Inside the Venus Factor Program?

In addition to diet and workout blueprints, the system also offers a social community called Venus Immersion that will help you keep motivated through the whole weight loss venture. In it, the maker of the program additionally posts the most recent weight reduction stories plus tips you can use for your own weight loss. You also have an opportunity to get a more customized training.

Who Create the Venus Factor Diet?

The inventor of the system is known as John Barban. He has a degree in Human Biology and Nutrition from the University of Guelph (Ontario Canada) and a Masters in Human Biology and Nutrition from the same establishment. He worked in the ice hockey group as the Strength and Conditioning Coach at the college of Guelph. He later moved on from the college of Florida where he examined Exercise Physiology. He worked later in University if Florida as a Professor and Researcher of Exercise Physiology.

How Does The System Work?

John understood the most common problems women experienced when it came to weight loss was Leptin resistance. Research has shown that this hormone regulates the way you store or burn fat. As the time goes by, women become more and more resistant to the leptin signals until their bodies will begin storing fat as opposed to burning it. Women have higher leptin levels, twice as much as men, however these will drop dramatically when they lose weight.

The Venus Factor system will help restore leptin sensitivity and make women's bodies react to it much better. This works so well that you are even allowed some cheat days tfor you to eat the foods you like. This system has been designed around reducing Leptin resistance in women with a 12 week diet plan and a 12 week workout plan.

There is also a Virtual Nutritionist application that will help you calculate how much you should eat eveery day. The diet plan is designed around your present way of life and your social commitments with alternatives routes to weight loss. As you drop weight, the virtual nutritionist will re-calculatte your calorie needs, the leaner you get the more you can eat. The workouts concentrate on key area like butt and stomach as well as the whole body in order for you to look like you have not just shed a few pounds, but perfect.

The Venus Factor Components

  • The Fat Loss Diet Guide - The manual reveals all the nutrients you need to lower Leptin resistance and those you must keep away from. The plan lasts for 12 weeks and goes hand in hand with the Virtual Nutritionist to calculate your nutritional requirements.

  • The 12 Week Workout Program - to burn fat more effectively by enhancing your metabolism. You can choose to do the workout at home or in a gym and look for reference to the online videos to lear how to properly execute the movements.

  • The Virtual Nutritionist Software App - This application will help you in calculating calories and protein as you go along.

  • The Venus Index Podcast - These podcasts are the best psychological support for achieving you objective.

  • The Venus Immersion - this is a social community that will motivate you and answer any question you may have. The group is made up of like minded women to offer motivation and encouragment.


  • Reduces leptin resistance

  • Specifically designed for women

  • Flexible


  • Requires commitment for long term results


The Venus Factor is an extraordinary program that has worked for many women.

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